“A group of alumni gathered during the Carolina Indian Circle Pow Wow to brainstorm ideas on how American Indian alumni can best support the American Indian student body at UNC-Chapel Hill. After rigorous discussion, it became clear that many alumni had similar ideas—to create scholarships, mentorships, and networking opportunities to meet the needs of these students. With these goals in mind, founders created the Carolina Native Alumni Club (CNAC), a Carolina Club under the umbrella of the General Alumni Association, in early 2011. Our mission is to unite American Indian alumni in fellowship and support of American Indian interests at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Goals of CNAC

  • Celebrate our experiences at UNC and our love for Carolina
  •  Facilitate networking and fellowship opportunities for alumni
  •  Provide mentoring, community service and scholarship opportunities for students
  • Encourage alumni involvement and advocacy in activities that affect American Indian interests at the University
  •  Increase alumni participation with and investment in undergraduate and graduate American Indian students
  •  Represent the University and the General Alumni Association”

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