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***DEADLINE EXTENSION: Due to recent events affecting many Native communities in NC, the application deadline for SHHAW has been extended to Monday, January 9th, 2017 at 5pm.***



The American Indian Center (AIC), through our Healthy Native North Carolinians Network and with funding support from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation, is pleased to announce our newest program – Sacred Hoop of Native Health & Wellbeing (SHHAW). SHHAW is a culturally-relevant and community-based participatory research (CBPR) program that addresses health issues prevalent in American Indian populations in North Carolina. This model explores the impact of Talking Circles on: (1) community connectedness; and (2) mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health and wellbeing for American Indians.

The AIC is now accepting proposals for communities interested in participating in SHHAW. Participating communities will host 10 Talking Circles over a two-year period and will serve as research partners to explore the impact of Talking Circles on the health of their Native community members.

Key components of SHHAW:

  • Implementation of Culturally-Relevant Health Initiatives – The AIC will offer $8,000 each year (max. of $16,000 for 2-year period) to participating tribal communities for creating, administering, and sustaining Talking Circles.
  • Consultation & Workshops – The AIC will provide technical assistance to participating tribal communities in the development, implementation and evaluation of Talking Circles to promote sustainable change.
  • Research & Dissemination – Tribally-driven research from a Native perspective is a critical component of SHHAW. Participating communities will receive training and technical assistance that will support Native communities in self-determined research objectives, collection of data, and dissemination of findings to improve health and wellbeing in a culturally-appropriate manner.


Tribal Nations and Urban Indian Organizations recognized by the state of North Carolina are eligible to apply. Eligible tribes/organizations must have:

  • Dedicated facilities to host Talking Circles
  • Adequate personnel to fulfill all responsibilities listed below (grant funds can be used to hire personnel; does not have to be existing staff)
  • Community interest in improving health and wellbeing for Native people
  • Ability to host 10 Talking Circles over a 2-year period with at least 7 participants per Talking Circle

If your tribe/organization is interested in participating, below are the required personnel:

Personnel* Responsibilities
Advisory Committee**

–  Approve research project

–  Advise on implementation of Talking Circles, interpretation and dissemination of findings

Research Administrator –  Responsible for attending Talking Circles

–   Administer surveys or other evaluation methods at Talking Circles

–  Complete UNC Human Subjects Research Training

–  Attend consultation workshop at UNC

Talking Circle Facilitator –  Lead and facilitate each Talking Circle

–  Attend consultation workshop at UNC

Grant Administrator –  Responsible for organizing/hosting Talking Circle

–  Person responsible for overseeing the grant funds

–  Attend consultation workshop at UNC

*One person can serve in more than one capacity

**Tribal council may serve in this capacity if no Institutional Review Board or Advisory Board exist


Interested tribes/organizations should submit 1) a letter of interest, 2) a proposed budget, 3) a budget justification, and 4) a W9 form (documents are attached). Applicants will be evaluated based on their ability to demonstrate community need and capacity to fulfill the roles and responsibilities, both of which should be outlined in the letter of interest.

If you would like to participate, please send all required documents to Teryn Smith,, no later than Monday, January 9th, 2017. Please contact Teryn Smith with any questions regarding this program.

SHHAW Information Sheet

SHHAW Letter of Interest Template

SHHAW Budget Template

SHHAW Budget Justification Template

W9 Form


Teryn Smith, MSW

Research Manager & Grant Administrator

SHHAW Program Manager

UNC American Indian Center


Amy Locklear Hertel, MSW, JD, PhD


UNC American Indian Center





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