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Senior UNC student and member of the Lumbee Tribe, Maya Carter, is known for capturing special moments of the Native Tar Heel family through photography. She is currently majoring in Psychology and English & Comparative Literature with a special concentration in Science, Medicine, and Literature.

Throughout Maya’s time on campus, her passion for photography and her involvement across campus has grown significantly. Her first year at Carolina consisted primarily of “finding her place…her home” on campus, but it did not take long for her to begin engaging in new social organizations and educational programs. Maya now wears several hats on campus; many of which allows her to enhance and showcase her photography skills. She volunteers at UNC’s Neuroscience Hospital, works as a senior photographer and co-editor with The Daily Tar Heel, and serves as the Carolina Indian Circle’s Historian and Social Media Manager.

This past summer, Maya studied abroad in Cape Town, South Africa where she worked a full-time internship with South Africa’s leading multi-platform content company, Independent Media” and fulfilled her dream of “seeing real life elephants and traveling the world.”

Some of her fondest moments at UNC revolved around late nights “in Davis Library, laughing over Wendy’s and playing Mafia in the Union.” It is through these experiences that Maya has found her “second family.”

Maya has a natural talent when it comes to capturing life’s precious moments. From capturing dancers at CIC’s annual Powwow to capturing photos for UNC’s student newspaper, she has been able to show different parts of campus life to the larger community. She has even started her own photography business and below, you can find some of her work.

Even though Maya’s time at Carolina is slowly coming to an end, she has been able to leave her Heel Print for the whole world to see through her lens.

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