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Native student, Rachel Wilbur is achieving new personal heights and expanding the breadth of research being done to the impact physical health and wellbeing of Indigenous Peoples that has been caused by historical trauma.

The Initiative for Minority Excellence (IME) out of the Graduate School here at UNC-Chapel Hill recently spotlights Rachel’s accomplishment via their IME Student Profile articles. Below is a short except from that article. Click here, Initiative for Minority Excellence Student Profile to view the full article.

“Rachel Wilbur is a doctoral student in anthropology. Her research interests lie in the impact of historical trauma and social determinants on the health of contemporary Native American and Alaska Native peoples. Her dissertation research seeks to elucidate and document the pathways through which a family history of Federal Indian Boarding School attendance may continue to impact the physical health and well-being of future generations. She is of Tolowa and Chetco descent through her mother.


Tell us about your research.

My research looks at the intergenerational impacts of historical trauma events on health for Native American and Alaska Native populations today. Historical trauma events in this context include genocide, forced relocation, and the removal of children from their families and communities to boarding schools.”

The American Indian Center is proud of the work Rachel is doing for the betterment of Indian Country! We look forward to seeing all of what she will accomplish in the future.

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