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The American Indian Center is pleased to announce their 2020 Scholastic Award recipients.

Every year, the UNC American Indian Center distributes impactful scholastic awards. The Faith Danielle Hedgepeth Scholarship Award and the Carolina Native Service Scholars Award are given annually to students who have demonstrated their commitment to serving the American Indian community of North Carolina. This year was extra special. The AIC was also able to offer scholastic awards to an additional two students in the form of the Student Success Award.

This year’s Faith Danielle Hedgepeth Award was given to Hannah Starling. This award is given to rising juniors who are interested in pursuing a health profession or similarly supportive careers serving the American Indian community. The award is designed to support the student’s academic endeavors and extracurricular campus and community engagement.

The recipients of this year’s Carolina Native Service Scholars Award are Kyla Locklear and Tiana Jacobs. This award is given to recent alumni of the UNC Summer Bridge program who have demonstrated a history of service or leadership in a North Carolina Native community. Students who receive this award commit to working on a service project at the American Indian Center.

The AIC offered the Student Success Award to Elizabeth Silver and Alyssa Clark this year. This award was granted to students who displayed service and leadership in their home communities and is meant to support them in as they share their talents with the campus community.

The UNC American Indian Center offers our congratulations to all of our award recipients, and we look forward to seeing and working with you in the coming academic year!

*In depth articles on these recipients will be shared over the next few weeks.


Award Summary:

Faith Danielle Hedgepeth Award ($1000) – Hannah Starling

Carolina Native Service Scholars Award ($750) – Kyla Locklear and Tiana Jacobs

Student Success Award ($500) – Elizabeth Silver and Alyssa Clark


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