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The UNC American Indian Center, through the work of the NC Native Asset Coalition, has begun the work to establish Native giving circles to support and engage tribes, tribal members and American Indian individuals in social and asset development via self-determined, community-based philanthropy. Since fall of 2013, over seven Native giving circles have been shaped and provided training around financial literacy, strategic planning and creating effective partnerships. The AIC through the NC Native Asset Coalition, will continue to provide technical assistance and trainings, leverage partnerships, provide philanthropic resources, host convening and leadership to Giving Circles as a commitment to growing philanthropy within tribal communities, from the grassroots and supportive of tribal sovereignty and traditions.

The AIC engages American Indians regionally in grassroots philanthropy by:
• Promoting individual giving, volunteerism and community engagement by growing a Native Asset Coalition Giving Circle Movement.
• Increasing investments by individuals and philanthropic institutions to strengthen and empower the Native Giving Circle community.
• Contributing to the field of philanthropy by promoting our stories of community impact, best practices and lessons learned from Native giving.
• Creating grassroots native philanthropic endeavors that will bring about change for the better of Native peoples engaged in giving back to their tribal communities.

Do you dream of changing your tribal community through giving?
Are you ready to create the change you want to see through via time, talent and treasures?
The Native Giving Circles and Native-based reciprocity has to then start with you to be the change.

6 Steps:
1) Plan a meeting with AIC Native Asset Coalition
2) Decide on where to help. What’s your focus area?
3) Figure out the financial fundamentals
4) Look closer at your community. Who’s your target audience?
5) Use your time, talents and treasures to impact!
6) Celebrate your success!


For more information contact:

Christina Theodorou

NC Native Asset Coalition Project Manager

UNC American Indian Center

919.962-5528 (P) § 919.843.4024 (F)


Check out the following article featured in Inside Philanthropy by AIC Director, Dr. Amy Locklear Hertel, “American Indian philanthropy focuses on leveraging collective resources” Oct. 7, 2013: