UNC Alumni Selected as the 2014 Flying Eagle Woman Award Recipient for Community-Based Philanthropy

Edgar UNC Alum, Edgar Villanueva (Lumbee) has been selected as the Native Americans in Philanthropy’s  2014 recipient for the Flying Eagle Woman Award for Community-Based Philanthropy! Recipients of the Flying Eagle Woman Award demonstrate that they are guided by Native thinking and philosophy, including a holistic, community centered approach to living and giving.


The Award this year was part of the James A. Joseph Lecture, Awards Dinner and Reception which was held at the JAG Unity Summit on June 7 in Washington, DC

As part of this award, Edgar was gifted a $500 award to donate to a nonprofit of his choice. He chose to give his award to the American Indian Cneter and encourgaed others to donate as well.

Thank you for your philanthropic spirit, Edgar!