As part of the American Indian Center’s (AIC) mission to engage with community and foster students’ personal and professional development, the Native Education and Information Initiative (NEII) will engage in a partnership with schools surrounding the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Cultural Outreach Ambassadors, Native undergraduate students at UNC, will conduct presentations in surrounding schools in order to better educate K-12 students about American Indian communities in North Carolina. Establishing a partnership with the surrounding community ensures that accurate, culturally-appropriate information is provided to children and teachers in schools. This will work to dispel stereotypes about American Indian people, and allow students to have a better understanding of contemporary American Indian communities. Through student and community engagement, this partnership creates an awareness that will work to serve both Native and non-Native communities in the future.


  • Establish partnerships with schools surrounding UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Develop culturally- and age-appropriate curriculum and materials to increase awareness and inclusiveness in curricula
  • Educate K-12 students with culturally-appropriate material about American Indian communities in NC
  • Dispel myths and stereotypes surrounding American Indians
  • Train Native undergraduate students to present culturally- and age-appropriate information to K-12 students
  • Create knowledgeable and informed citizens of NC in order to serve both Native and non-Native communities in the future

If you are interested in scheduling a presentation with one of our Cultural Outreach Ambassadors, please fill out a Presentation Form and AIC staff will contact you shortly.

Please note: Presentations are based on presenter availability.