The American Indian Center recommends the following resources for teachers and educators:


Source: North Carolina State Advisory Council on Indian Education, NC Department of Public Instruction; For more information, contact

Here you will find resources on culturally appropriate instruction for Native students in particular, as well as information about culturally responsive instruction applicable to a broad variety of students. Culturally responsive instruction is a philosophy and accompanying implementation of instruction that purposefully acknowledges, embraces and uses what each student brings culturally to the classroom in order for all students to have equitable access to the learning content. It is built on a foundation of relationships and respect.

State & National Education Resources

Map of NC Tribes and Urban Indian Organizations

North Carolina State Advisory Council on Indian Education
The State Advisory Council on Indian Education was established to identify issues and concerns that affect academic achievement of American Indian students. Council members have spent a great deal of time studying the yearly data collected on academic achievement and dropout rates, keeping abreast of education policy issues at the local, state, and national levels, and working closely with tribal leadership in American Indian communities. As an outcome, the Council has devised a report that strives to address relevant concerns pertaining to the education of American Indian students and provide appropriate recommendations to the State Board of Education. Each year, the Council focuses its efforts on dropout data and academic achievement. To download a copy of the annual report, go to the North Carolina State Advisory Council on Indian Education.

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction – American Indian Education

The State Advisory Council on Indian Education provides a list of resources for educators, including their annual report to the North Carolina Board of Education.

CANKU OTA is an online newsletter celebrating Native America. Access a wealth of information about American Indian educational resources.


North Carolina History Resources Database – NC Museum of History

A searachable database with American Indian related educational materials and online workshop opportunities.

Cherokee Language Program, Western Carolina University

Western Carolina University and the Cherokee Preservation Fund have partnered to develop the Cherokee Language Program to foster the survival of Cherokee culture and heritage.

Museum of the Cherokee Indian- Education Department
The museum’s Education Department offers courses for teachers, including: graduate courses on “Cherokee Culture and History”, in-service workshops on “Using the Museum in Your Classroom” and special workshops designed for visiting groups. Their goal is to provide accurate information and classroom resources for elementary and secondary teachers.

American Indian Studies Course – NC Social Studies Elective

American Indian Studies introduces students to the diverse history and culture of American Indians, beginning with life prior to Columbus. Important issues American Indians have faced from prehistoric societies to present-day contemporary society are discussed. Students immerse themselves in America’s oldest and continuous civilizations and cultures with a focus on American Indians of North Carolina.

Bureau of Indian Affairs, Office of Indian Education
The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Office of Indian Education Programs is a service organization devoted to providing quality education opportunities for American Indian people. Established in the latter part of the nineteenth century to carry out the federal government’s education commitment to Indian tribes, it has become the only national system for American Indian children and adults.

The BIA provides informational resources about classroom teaching activities about American Indians beyond the Thanksgiving holiday. Also included are resources that will get you started if you need to research the history of American Indian Education or best teaching practices addressing American Indian learners. Resources include books, magazines, articles, bibliographies, maps, etc. These resources are organized in four categories: Teaching About American Indians, Culturally Responsive Pedagogy for American Indian Learners, Researching American Indian Education and Other Resources for Classroom Teachers.