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Congratulations to all our Healthy Native North Carolinians award recipients.

This year we are pleased to announce that all tribes and urban Indian organizations will be participating in this year’s grant cycle. We look forward to working with everyone!

The Healthy Native North Carolinians Network (HNNC), administered by the UNC American Indian Center, facilitates sustainable community changes to support health and wellness within North Carolina’s tribes and urban Indian organizations by leveraging common goals and resources. Using an Indigenous approach to holistic health, HNNC addresses physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Since 2011, HNNC has created a successful model for developing organizational capacity, tribal self-determination, and intertribal collaborations.

There are three key components of HNNC:

1. Support for Self-Determined Action Plans- Financial support for self-determined initiatives enables communities to create and administer the change they wish to see in their communities. Health and wellness activities have included the creation of community gardens, talking circles, walking trails, annual 5Ks, farmers markets, fruits and vegetable powwow concessions, and more.

2. Capacity-Building Consultations and Workshops- Tailored technical assistance is provided to Native leaders in community development, implementation of activities, and evaluation. Capacity-building workshops and webinars are responsive to community health and wellness interests and goals.

3. Cross-Community Collaborations- Participants are encouraged to share stories, challenges, cultures, and successes at annual capacity building workshops and by visiting other communities to learn from one another.

Priority Focus Areas

  • Activities that integrate mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing
  • Tribal infrastructure improvements
  • Cultural revitalization and preservation
  • Activities and educational programming that promotes Indigenous ecological knowledge
  • Land conservation and increasing access to natural areas (tribal or public lands)
  • Practices and policies to increase access to healthy local foods and physical activities
  • Equipment, supplies, and strategies to sustain health and wellness programming
  • Human resource development

HNNC is generously supported by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NC.



For more information about the HNNC Network contact:

Ryan Dial

American Indian Health Project Manager

Dr. Danielle Hiraldo

AIC Director

919.843.5233 (P) § 919.843.4024 (F)


Past HNNC Events

HNNC Webinar, February 25, 2016:  “”Connecting People to the Land through Triple Bottom Line Partnerships”

Co-hosted by the UNC American Indian Center & The Conservation Fund’s Resourceful Communities Program. Click here to watch the archived webinar.

Check out our new video series, One Step at a Time, created by our Health Careers Connection Intern, Harley D. Locklear (Lumbee; Exercise & Sports Science Major).

Episode 1: Setting Healthy Goals

Episode 2: Setting Healthy Eating Habits

Episode 3: Advocacy Through Sharing Our Stories 

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