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Assets are those things we accumulate, invest, maintain, or build upon for future use.  They can be tangible, such as a car, home, a business, or natural resources like a forest.  They can also be intangible, such as a bank or retirement account, health, education, people, languages, or cultures.  Assets may be saved for future generations, invested for growth, leveraged for building other assets, or utilized during emergencies.  In short, assets are things of value.

The NC Native Asset Coalition (NAC) is a statewide coalition of Native, tribal, state, university, and community partners interested in the building of assets that are important to Native individuals, families and communities.  This Coalition is administered by the UNC American Indian Center and was established in June 2013.  The Coalition creates space for Native communities, non-tribal organizations, public sector agencies, and university entities to work together for the self-determined and sustainable development of Native communities along the path of innovation, stewardship, and engaged partnership.

Through the Native Asset Coalition, we offer the following support services.

  • Collaborative  community meetings engaging tribal and non-tribal partners
  • Intertribal relationship building
  • Training opportunities to support tribal self-determination
  • Leadership development and capacity building within and beyond tribal boundaries
  • Technical assistance for community asset mapping and realizing tribal priorities through partnership building
  • Information sharing with respect to financial education, public policy, grants opportunities and conferences on tribal asset development

The NC Native Asset Coalition is administered by the American Indian Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and made possible by the generous support of the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation.


For more information contact:

The American Indian Center,