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The University Network of Native Leaders (UNNL) is a new leadership offering for American Indian undergraduate students in the University of North Carolina System. The UNNL will offer statewide training for students who hold leadership positions within Native student organizations.

The goals of UNNL are to:

  • Deliver culturally tailored leadership training to Native student organization leaders to improve their leadership capacity,
  • Improve student organizational dynamics, enhanced program planning and increased fundraising activity
  • Support the awareness and engagement efforts of Native student organization leaders,
  • Create a network of young Native leaders across the state to share resources, learn from each other and support one another, and
  • Develop a network of faculty and staff advisors across respective campuses to support Native students and their organizations in higher education.

The first ever gathering of UNNL was successfully hosted in Raleigh, NC on October 27 – 28th, 2017. Read more about the event here: